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What to know when accused of embezzlement

As a longtime accountant for your company, you are a trusted employee. But you have a secret that no one knows. At least you thought no one knew until your employer confronted you about missing funds – thousands and thousands of dollars. You face an accusation of...

Fraud could net a lengthy prison sentence

In October, a Texas woman was sentenced to prison for embezzling nearly $1 million via wire fraud. The 46-year-old woman had previously entered guilty pleas in December 2019 for charges accusing her of a white-collar crime by diverting corporate money via false...

Shortening your probation in Texas

Probation can typically last anywhere from a few months to five years. In some cases, a defendant may be able to petition the court to terminate the probation early.If you are looking to shorten your probation, the following requirements may help you determine your...