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Being vigilant about identity theft

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2020 | Uncategorized

Identity theft schemes occur in Texas and all over the United States, and many of these fraud schemes involve a high level of sophistication. Some plans specifically target a particular group; one recent case revealed that U.S. service members faced targeting for identity theft. Servicemembers in Texas and others may find it wise to be aware of any potential risks.

In a California case, money appeared to be removed from servicemember bank accounts. Per the case tried in federal court, medical records were compromised. The records provided names, Social Security numbers and various other items of personal information. The data then provided a means to procure funds from various accounts illegally.

With certain identifying information, it might not prove difficult to access someone’s bank account. Upon achieving access to an account, an individual may be able to easily transfer money out. Elaborate schemes are not always necessary for an identity thief to acquire information. Phishing phone calls where a caller fraudulently claims to be, say, a representative of a bank or a tax agency could fool someone into providing sensitive information.

Learning about ways to protect against identity theft helps. However, as seen in the California courtroom case, there are ways that personal information can be acquired internally at venues where sensitive data is stored. Monitoring accounts consistently might be wise.

Anyone charged with identity theft may benefit from seeking the representation of a criminal defense attorney. The attorney might be able to mount a jury trial defense or negotiate a plea bargain. A white-collar crime attorney may also assist during the sentencing phase. When someone pleads guilty to a crime, an attorney may petition the court for a reasonable punishment.