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Weatherford Criminal Defense Law Blog

You should seek help if you're facing a DWI

You weren't expecting to get pulled over when you were out for the night. The policeman who stopped you claimed that you had been driving erratically, but you didn't think that was the truth. Despite that, you listened as they said what they needed to and even gave them a breath sample willingly.

What you were surprised to find out is that your blood alcohol concentration was at .06%, even though you'd stopped drinking a few hours ago. Still, the legal limit is .08%, so you're safe against penalties, right?

Defend yourself against methamphetamine charges

Methamphetamine is a strong drug that has highly addictive properties. It stimulates the central nervous system and, in the short term, can cause wakefulness and decreased appetite. It can also cause negative side effects such as increased blood pressure and rapid or irregular heartbeats.

Unfortunately, methamphetamine does affect the brain's dopamine levels. It causes dopamine to release rapidly, which gives off a sense of well-being and triggers a reward response in the body. This leads to addiction by making the user want to repeat the experience.

Texas can sometimes forgive and totally forget your crime

A criminal record can follow you the rest of your life, taking a toll on your wellbeing long after you’ve made amends with victims and your community, paid your fine and did your time. And if you were wrongly convicted, you still paid the price.

Under some circumstances, your arrests, charges and convictions can be totally erased from your record as if they never happened. You can even legally deny they happened at all.

Texas marijuana laws remain strict

Marijuana laws are constantly changing. Pot is legal in 10 states and in the District of Columbia, and legalization is on the docket in even more jurisdictions. According to a recent poll, 60 percent of Americans support marijuana’s legalization, and 63 percent of respondents think that people convicted of marijuana possession should have it expunged from their records.

While states around the country are decriminalizing and legalizing recreational marijuana, Texas laws regarding cannabis are still harsh. Sentencing guidelines include jailtime, steep fines and mandatory minimums.

Penalties for subsequent DWIs

Just about everyone has been there: it’s late, you’ve been out with friends, you’re pretty sure you’ll be fine to drive home. You get behind the wheel and before you know it there are flashing lights in your rear view mirror. The major rub here, though, is that this is not the first time it has happened.

In an earlier blog we discussed what happens after you are pulled over for a suspected DWI. This time we will be talking about the repercussions for anyone who already has one or more DWI charges under their belt. This is how subsequent charges will affect them.

What happens after you’re pulled over for DWI in Texas?

Nobody tries to get a DWI, but sometimes, people make mistakes. You may have felt okay to drive, until you saw the flashing lights in your rearview mirror. Now that you are charged with DWI, you may wonder what happens next. Here is what you need to know about being charged with a DWI in Texas.